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24 hour Complex Support

Overnight or around the clock support is available for people with complex or multiple support needs. 
Our skilled and experienced staff are able to provide a wide range of supports during the day or night including but not limited to:
Implementation of behaviour support strategies

medication administration
PEG feeding

Epilepsy management Diabetes management
Hoist/transfer support

Personal care

Assistance to engage in activities and appointments outside the home.
We also provide two types of overnight staff support: active night support or sleepover support

Active night assists those who need intermittent or continuous staff assistance throughout the night. Sleepover support means that someone is available if a need arises during the night. Our staff will sleep in a separate room but can be woken up to provide assistance (limitations apply to the number of times staff are needed before the shift becomes an active night shift.

Why we are different

This disability home service was founded by Simone Leembruggen, who wanted to not only provide the best care for her son Raffael, but also use that experience to support and help other special needs people and their families. By creating a NDIS Provider registered business in Geelong by the people that need it, for the people that need it! Click to read more…

How to get started

NDIS Provider in Geelong serving the local community but also australia wide and international through out support and advocacy side and our online store at

Services we can help with

NDIS Registered Provider located in Geelong for Disability home services for people of all levels in care needs. Medical and disability products, consumables and equipment, meals and deliveries, transport, home modifications, cleaning and allied health. 

If you need help to get your plan working for you or want to find out what supports and services you are entitled to. We can help! Click to continue…