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Heal & Soul Health

Heal and Soul Health is an allied health Service specialising in podiatry, complex special needs, and more. We provide an inclusive service within the clinic or in home depending on your needs. Podiatry, Nutrition, therapy issues and equipment/consumable are available. We are flexible and value the individual needs of our rarer clients.

Anjel Store

Anjel Store offers a range of NDIS products, health supplements, medical equipment, and more! If you are looking to help give your body a boost, or need equipment for people who need to be tube fed, Anjel store is your place to go.

CDKL5 Research

Simone Mellissa and Benjamin are the proud founders of Aus/NZ CDKL5 Research to help raise funds to find a cure for CDKL5 a rare genetic disorder you can have a look at their website below to find out more about the genetic disorder, read about these kids amazing stories and donate to help find a cure.