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Allied Health

At Heal & Soul Health (Fair-Go’s Allied Health Partner), our 3 core beliefs provide a clear and logical pathway to discovering the underlying cause/s of injury or illness. From there we can discover the best solution to promote recovery.

We do not recommend treatments which suppress the bodies natural healing powers.

Our focus is on determining the underlying cause and its treatment which, when managed, usually resolves any acute or chronic symptoms as well.

We don’t compromise and we don’t cut corners which is why we attract those wanting relief after years of suffering with various complaints. 

We have accomplished 15 years of successful practice serving the local community. Locals and travellers know we prefer an approach that is honest and genuine and is designed to promote fast efficient and long lasting results.

We provide you with your full range of options allowing the best informed choices and treatment programs to encourage easy, heal them on all levels efficient and painless milestones back to health.

Our specialties are listed below as a guide. We work with you to form the optimal management plan and choose the appropriate therapies and techniques such as those listed here.

  • Acute injury assessment, diagnosis and management
  • Assessment, diagnosis and management for chronic , complex injuries or patterns of injury
  • Comprehensive lower limb preventative health checks. (covers Neurological, biomechanical, vascular, dermatological, musculo-skeletal, environmental etc.
  • Joint mobilisation, dry needling and Podiatric Acupuncture techniques
  • Natural or gentler choices available . eg. allergies, aversions, anxieties, unusual behaviours etc.
  • Nutritional, Naturopathic and Bowen therapy, Amino-Neuro Frequency Therapy.
  • Flexible treatment options which allow inclusion for all abilities such as extended appointment times, last minute walk-ins, mobile services etc.